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Amazon Prime Overview

We’ve noticed that there aren’t many areas that Amazon doesn’t have a stake in now, but how well does there streaming service stack up against its fierce competitors?


Their range of content is impressive given that their video service hasn’t been running all that long. Our team found that they were able to compete with Netflix in terms of original programming but that their library of content was nowhere near as extensive.


So is it worth the monthly fee?


Well, Amazon has recently added a bunch of live TV channels to their service like HBO and Cinemax, but as with a lot of the popular TV shows they are licensed to show, they aren’t included in the monthly subscription so you have to pay extra.


This is a big difference between Amazon and Netflix. With Netflix, everything you can see in the interface you can watch, with Amazon we were never quite sure if the content was part of a package or if we had to pay extra to view it. Ultimately, Amazon Prime will deliver a reliable streaming service full of popular films and shows but for the money it charges, it’s our opinion that Netflix provides more value for money.

Content Availability & Quality

Amazon Prime Video came to prominence after Jeremy Clarkson’s acrimonious departure from BBC’s Top Gear. The Grand Tour became Amazon’s flagship programme with millions of pounds invested in its production. Since then the streaming service hasn’t looked back and has started to produce a wealth of original shows like The Man in the High Castle to rival Netflix, available in HD and 4K, although you often have to pay extra for the privilege of 4K.


We found the range of shows exclusive to Amazon Prime Video to be of a very good standard. The Walking Dead and Seinfeld are two that we particularly enjoy, but as with any subscription streaming service, it is undermined by the fact that we could find these shows of many free apps.


The latest estimate puts Amazon’s server reach at around the 1.5 million mark. This means it is extremely unlikely that you will ever experience buffering, or indeed a blackout when using Amazon Prime Video. We certainly didn’t.


If you opt for the middle-tier package then the streams are HD and as such, our team experienced excellent picture and audio quality every time. If you are experiencing difficulty viewing content on Amazon Prime Video then it’s probably an issue with your Wi-Fi more than a problem with the service. If you do find your streams buffering to a grinding halt then you can contact Amazon’s excellent customer support for a swift resolution.

Use & Navigation

Compared to its rival streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime Video has an interface that we didn’t find particularly easy to view. Amazon seems to have opted for a scattergun approach to listing content and it wasn’t always easy for us to see what we could watch as part of our subscription service. Suddenly we would find a film we wanted to stream only to be disappointed to learn that we had to pay extra for it.


There are new interfaces in development for the mobile app but if you were an Amazon Prime Video user hoping the big screen will undergo the same treatment then you’re in for a big disappointment.