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BeeTV Overview

We were buzzin’ to get started on BeeTV but ultimately it was a bit of a letdown. It’s your usual cloned streaming app with a great looking interface that has its neat little features but the constant buffering and non-existent links killed our buzz. It showcases the latest Movies and TV Shows and for the most part, these worked fine. But our team is a melting pot of eclectic tastes and those of us that adore the older films were left floundering at the unavailable links.


So what did Bee TV have to offer?


Well, compared to its rivals, not a great deal. The links for anything relatively current were acceptable quality but there just wasn’t enough depth to the content to maintain our team’s interest. Within a couple of weeks of using this app, it was our conclusion that there wouldn’t be much left to watch. This certainly isn’t an app that we would use daily.


The app itself is a clone or a hybrid, of other redundant apps. Its maybe because of this that the app doesn’t function as it should but we’re not in the game of frittering away time on links that don’t work when we can find plenty that will.

Content Availability & Quality

We were keen to test Bee TV with something that we hadn’t seen, so we spent an idle afternoon watching True Detective, which we enjoyed with hardly any buffering and a nice HD stream. Trying to find an available stream for anything released prior to the year 2000 is virtually impossible. The number of titles on this app without functioning links is un-BEElievable.


Given some of the online hype surrounding BeeTV we were anticipating a much more satisfying streaming experience than the one we were served up. If you are looking for an app to deliver lots of varied content then look elsewhere.


The app itself always appears to be working and online. We didn’t experience any issues with it suddenly crashing or freezing (It constantly amazes how often this happens with some apps). The reliability of the links though proved a real bummer.


Most of the time it was just the older content that we couldn’t get to work, but at times we found even films released in the last 5 years weren’t available And this just shouldn’t be – no pun intended that time. Ultimately there are many more reliable free apps available for you to use that will deliver a much more reliable streaming experience.

Use & Navigation

As we’ve come to expect with many of these cloned apps the main interface displayed an intelligently designed layout that we thought was aesthetically pleasing. The menu allowed us to filter content by year and genre so that it was easy for us to find something specific to watch. Equally, if we just wanted a browse then we could navigate around the pages freely.