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CartoonHD Overview

Cartoon HD is one of the original android apps which is ultimately for Movies, TV shows.   Over the time we used the app, it was generally one of the more reliable free apps, even when considering its unexpected shutdown periods.  There’s a good choice of new and old Movies and TV Shows, albeit perhaps not as good as some other apps we have reviewed.  The quality is generally top-notch too, so no complaints there.


But now for the confusing bit……


All of us find it difficult to be overly critical about the Cartoon HD app, but there is no denying that our team generally use the app rarely these days.  Why?  It’s just not as good as it once was and because newer apps have taken the limelight. It’s always easy to gravitate to something new.


For users who plan to give this app a go, it’s worth mentioning that we found it to be a really good choice if your internet connection is a little slow or your ISP are throttling the hell out of it.  Nobody likes buffering, so if your broadband is snail-paced, CartoonHD could well provide you with problem-free viewing that you won’t get with other streaming apps

Content Availability & Quality

Cartoon HD does and always did have a superb selection of Movies and TV Shows. When we downloaded the latest app one of the first movies we stumbled across was Tremors; a film that none of us had seen for years. As well as forgotten pearls, it has all the latest Movies and TV shows you could ever wish for.


One of the things we really value about Cartoon HD is the balance they strike between Movies and TV Shows. Many free streaming apps veer towards one or the other but Cartoon HD really does cater for all. And, of course, the quality of the streams was are point more often than not.


The developers pulled the plug on this app a few years back abandoning many of us streamers. Cartoon HD was one of the pioneering apps that led the way for everyone else. Its sudden demise was a shock. Thankfully (for us tech geeks), the app returned but since its rebirth, its performance has been sketchy. For days on end, we’ve found the app down. That said, when it does work the playback is super-quick and ideal for slower internet connections. And this is an important point. Cartoon HD is a brilliantly reliable app for you if your internet connection is slow or intermittent as it will always have a stream to suit the speed of your connection.

Use & Navigation

At times trying to navigate the main screen is like attempting to use a roundabout backward. It’s tricky and not logical. Once you can acquire the knack of operating the menu, you’ll find the usual tabs, Movies, TV Shows with a brief synopsis but it’s harder than it needs to be. To be honest this surprises us given how long Cartoon HD has been in the streaming game. We would’ve thought by now that they would have nearly every aspect of an app licked and working like a dream…