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Cinema APK Overview

Cinema HD conjures nostalgic memories of trips to the movies with your folks at the weekend, except our team can now experience that Box Office feel from the comfort of their Man Cave or She Shed. Cinema HD is a dependable app that supports an extensive library of Movies and TV Shows that could keep your regular streamer happy for hours. So long as you don’t mind being exposed to the odd ad.

So why use Cinema HD instead of other free streaming apps?

The developers of this app appear to be an active bunch as new titles are being regularly added and updates are frequently deployed to tackle any bugs in the system. When an app has dedicated developers, it’s typically an excellent sign that it’s one to stick with. It also means the developers will be monetizing it to death. And that’s a slight issue.


Ads are an aggravating occurrence on Cinema HD and if it hampered our enjoyment of the content, then we’re reasonably sure it will spoil yours too. There are modded ad-free versions of the app available to download but these too are problematic and not altogether trustworthy.

Content Availability & Quality

When our team used Cinema HD, they found it to be ahead of the game compared to other free apps. There’s a good mixture of Movies and TV although the app is weighted more towards Box Office than binge. The developers make sure that fresh content is always available although the quality of the streams for the newest TV Shows isn’t always the best.


In our experience, it’s best to wait a month or so before attempting to watch the latest releases. That said, we’d still rather watch a lower quality stream than one taken off a camcorder in China. It’s clear to us that this is an active community behind this app whose actions are producing some positive results.


Cinema HD seems to scrape a lot more quality HD streams together for its content. A month or so after its release we watched Bohemian Rhapsody, (the film, not the trippy video for the song), and we were blown away by the volume of great links. Google Video links pinged back almost instantaneously and there were a plethora of links in all resolutions.


Playback was sharp and after some initial buffering the stream was perfect. It was as if we’d nipped online, bought it on Amazon and put a DVD on. The same can’t be said for some of the TV Shows. If you choose to download Cinema HD, you may find episodes of your favourite show missing.

Use & Navigation

The main menu is another Netflix inspired job. And we quite like that, it’s familiar and it looks appealing. It provides filters for Movies and Shows although strangely the filter for year and genre are in different places. It would make sense to us to be able to apply all of the filters in one space.