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CyberFlix Overview

Cyberflix was a firm favourite of ours. A truly solid and dependable app that gave us an overwhelming choice of links for movies and TV shows. We found zero, repeat, zero buffering and an app free of any commercials. It was almost bliss. We say almost because one thing that really stresses us out is when we find pirated material on an app – and there was loads of it on Cyberflix.


So what about the rest of the content?


Cyberflix has all the popular and trending TV Shows that you would expect to find on a free app and a whole lot more than Netflix or Amazon Prime can offer. The selection of Movies also provided a nice balance between the old and the new, providing something for everyone.


As far as apps go Cyberflix is one of the most user friendly available. There are multiple options for filtering and with Movie trailers and IMDB links for the new movies; you can really make an informed choice before pressing play. Despite the pirated content this is a still an app that we would recommend people try purely for its available content and convenience. Be quick, though, because providing links for pirated material is probably the quickest route to getting your app taken down.

Content Availability & Quality

The developers must be working around the clock on this app because it has all the latest movies and shows. It really doesn’t miss a beat. We were able to find film releases still on at the pictures and but sadly, the streams were pirated. Of the three films we tested in the Latest HD Releases section, they had all been filmed on camcorders and uploaded to the net. Providing pirated material on your service is one sure fire way to get your app taken down.


For the rest of the movies and TV shows we found good quality streams. Cyberflix has a great selection of Movies and TV Shows, striking a good balance between the two.


At the time we tested Cyberflix it worked like a dream for us. We didn’t encounter any buffering which meant we could watch an entire season of Breaking Bad on auto-play completely uninterrupted. As well as TV Shows, we found streaming movies that had only been out a few months a doddle too. Even though there weren’t loads of links for Bumblebee, the one we did choose began playing right away and didn’t buffer once. Lovely stuff.


We have become aware of folk having issues with missing content since the last update but these developers are good guys and got that sucker working again ASAP.

Use & Navigation

Cyberflix works as well or better than any other APK app. The main menu has a great look which makes it so easy for us to flick through the movies and shows on offer but it is reminiscent of the layout of Cinema HD and Movie HD. We found options for filtering by genre and latest HD releases but there wasn’t an option for year of release which was a shame. Once we selected a movie, we were impressed by that the app offered us the chance to watch a trailer and click on the IMDB page for the film.


We had a slight problem with the seasons background image downloading for any TV shows we watched but this was fixed in a couple of days. Overall we loved Cyberflix, and it was easy to navigate around. We would deffo recommend it.