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Daily 4PTV Overview

Daily 4PTV was one of the more impressive live TV streaming apps that we tested. It’s a combination of 4 different APK’s – featuring channels from 6 countries but with its core focus on American and Arabic content. The app boasts a collection of over 5000 channels so finding something that we wanted to watch was easy but we found that a day or two later, that same content would be missing.


The developers are working hard around the clock, so kudos to them, to bring to the market a free app that can eliminate the need for hefty TV bills. But do they achieve their objectives?


Most of the content on the American IPTV was down when we attempted accessing it. The developers are aware of this but due to capacity restrictions on their servers, they aren’t always able to rectify the issue. The sports package was given the thumbs up by our team and to be honest, it’s hard for us to find a lot to be critical of.


Ultimately, Daily 4PTV delivers a comprehensive free streaming app service but with one caveat. The links are plentiful, and the streams of a watchable quality, but the team experienced unexpected blackouts that we wouldn’t expect with a paid service.

Content Availability & Quality

As this is a group of apps bundled into one (although you have to download them separately) it’s got the lot really. Live sports including Champions League football, entertainment, music, you name it these apps have it. There is one dedicated sports app, one each for American and Arabic TV and another for live TV channels from across the globe.


But there were issues.


From time to time the channels stopped working, and we guessed that some folk would let it slide but we don’t have the patience for that. If an app makes a claim to be the only one that can provide over 5000 channels then we expect them to deliver.


Daily 4PTV maintains bundles of channels so it’s pretty impressive that they manage to keep most of them working. We largely enjoyed a hassle-free time using the app, but there was the odd glitch here and there with buffering streams. We can overlook that but the problems we encountered when attempting to test the American channels we can’t. We didn’t get to see a single programme because of server restrictions which disappointed us hugely. We know the developers are working to fix it but that content is a large part of their portfolio.


Honestly, in our search for the greatest streaming app, we need to find perfection and Daily 4PTV doesn’t cut it.

Use & Navigation

Although the app communicates detailed pointers on how to use it we found the user interface to be clunky and slow. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no excuse for this and as a rule, we don’t usually tolerate such sloppy design. That said, 5000+ channels go some way to making up for it.


Daily 4PTV has assured users that they will be soon launching the app on Firestick. It is available for download on all other Android devices but to be able to launch and play streams you will need to download a 3rd party media player. For this, we would recommend Wuffy. Without it using Daily 4PTV will be very difficult.