Fire TV Setup Instructions

Prior to embarking on the installation process, you must ensure that ‘Unknown Sources’ is switched on in the Developer Options.  You will find this setting in main settings, under either the Device or My Fire TV options.

Step 1

From the ‘home’ page, move to the magnifying glass in the left-hand corner of the home page.

Step 2

Start to type “Downloader” until you see it appear in the list which populates automatically, then select it for download.

Step 3

Click on the ‘Downloader’ app icon to select it for download.

Step 4

Click ‘Download’ and then click “Open” once it has been installed on your device.

Step 5


Once ‘Downloader’ has launched and any notifications have been closed, press the select button on the ‘http’ section to bring up the keyboard.

Step 6

Now type in the URL of the app you wish to download (see Downloads menu option for app download URLs).  Click ‘Go’ to begin downloading your chosen app.

Step 7

Once your chosen app downloaded, click ‘INSTALL’.  Some versions of Amazon Fire TV may appear differently to the above image, but the need to install is the same.