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FreeFlix HQ Overview

Freeflix HQ boasts an awesome line-up of content including on-demand Movies, TV Shows, dedicated Wrestling and Anime channels as well as thousands of live TV streams. No wonder they claim it to be the ultimate entertainment hub. We’d be hooked on it if only it worked properly. During our time using it, we were frustrated by failing live TV streams that and constant prompts to update the app. The times that we did manage to get a working stream they were fairly robust without being spectacular.

What can we say about Freeflix that’s positive?

Well, the aesthetics of the app are great, but we all know that looks can be deceiving. Nothing disappoints our team more than when developers spend time creating an app that looks appealing but doesn’t deliver. It just seems like a total waste of time.


On this basis, it isn’t an app that we would recommend you try straight away, but it could be one to keep an eye on. If they iron out the creases then Freeflix would potentially be a decent app with a wide variety of content. Until then we’ll give it a wide berth and would probably suggest that you do the same.

Content Availability & Quality

There are not many free apps around that make the claims that Freeflix does. It’s not just your typical library of on-demand Movies and TV Shows but it also offers an Aladdin’s Cave of Anime titles, which has been recently fixed. It also features a section just for WWE and UFC with a back catalogue of bouts that fight enthusiasts will spend hours watching.


Steer clear of the latest movies section; most of them were poor quality pirated copies. We all want to see the latest movies straight away but if you’re not prepared to go to the cinema then just wait a few weeks and the crystal clear HD links will be available to stream.


How you assess this app chiefly depends on what you demand from a streaming app. Our team expects that an app will make good on its promises, but Freeflix doesn’t do this. When it came to evaluating the live TV section with every single channel, we saw the same ‘failed to load’ message until we found an Arabic news station that worked.


The on-demand streams are exclusively in 720p which are adequate but the playback is much too slow and really put a dampener on our experience. These issues are not impossible to correct but as it stands there are more reliable apps available.

Use & Navigation

The interface was clearly laid out and included some smart features that our team were very keen on. There’s a useful filter for selecting content by genre, year and most watched. We love it when an app has multiple filters for searching. It’s so handy for when you’re in the mood for a particular style of film or show without having a specific idea of what you want to watch.

The menu itself is simple to navigate around and very responsive. The only times that we found it lagged were when we tried to operate the app while already streaming content.