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Hulu Overview

Hulu is a Live TV service with On-Demand videos that has grown to a subscriber base of over 25 million. We first used in it 2017 and back then it wasn’t the streaming beast it is today. With over 60 live TV channels, an ever-growing On-Demand library and a range of premium add-ons, Hulu has altered our perception for the better.

So is it worth the monthly fee?

Well, it depends on what you want out of a Live TV streaming service. In the opinion of our team, the range of channels available on Hulu provides a good mix that could be suitable for family viewing habits. The quality of the streams is always of a very high-quality but if you’re the kind of consumer that likes to pick and choose, then perhaps a TV bundle won’t be for you.


Hulu is definitely a service that provides value for money, but it doesn’t enjoy the extensive library of content that Netflix has. It’s great to use and provides streams for current TV shows they are licensed to show as they air on other networks, which is something that Netflix can’t cater for.

Content Availability & Quality

The content on Hulu is primarily geared towards an American audience. Depending on where you are located in the US there will be a range of local TV channels for news and sport. Hulu provides what we would best describe as a family package of 60 plus channels. It delivers content for entertainment, sport, family, news and movies. There are also add-ons available for premium channels like HBO, but once you start adding content to your package your monthly bill will soon soar.


As well as Live TV, Hulu also produces its own original content. We were big fans of the award-winning ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ but we should state that this isn’t the only place you can view it. While free streaming apps can’t compete with Hulu’s live offering you will find most of the On-Demand content on these apps.


Hulu has a subscriber base of approximately 25 million so strong performance is just as critical as the content they offer to keep subscribers happy.

We first used Hulu in 2017 and back then we found the Live TV and On-Demand videos to be pretty unreliable. We encountered lots of buffering and error messages. And we weren’t alone; this was a common occurrence for most Hulu users in the streaming community.


Since then Hulu has improved massively in terms of reliability. They have invested heavily in new servers, and it’s evidently working because now when we use either the Live TV or On-Demand videos they work perfectly every time. As long as you have an internet connection of 8mbps you should be fine.

Use & Navigation

When we first used Hulu, we found it to be an uncluttered and fresh looking interface that made navigation easy. It was simple for us to search for Live TV, Movies and VOD content from the main screen. With that said, the Live TV Guide was a major flaw in the app. It didn’t allow us to plan ahead with our viewing because it was a rudimentary Now and Next guide. With other paid apps, chiefly, Sling TV, we were able to see what was on up to two weeks in advance.


We were impressed with the apps ability to allow us to personalise it and configure it to our viewing habits. The ‘My Channels’ and ‘Keep Watching’ features mean you can jump straight back into what you were watching before.