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MediaBox HD Overview

MediaBox HD is a free app that supports direct streaming of Movies and TV Shows. If you merely want the basic, it’s here. If you want something more exotic, it’s here. MediaBox HD is brimming with loads of cool content, but the thing that immediately struck our team about the app was the fantastic modern layout reminiscent of Amazon Prime.


The app itself has some very useful features. If you are a registered Trakt.TV or Real Debrid user then you’ll find those programmes supported by this app. We also appreciated the star rating system for the stream quality which made it easy for us to see which streams were the best. We don’t know why more apps don’t implement these simple visual aids.


All sounds positive right? Well, here come the negatives.


MediaBox HD offers two types of app; a free version riddled with ads or a premium ad-free version with access to VIP streams. We were vexxed to learn that for some streams we needed to be premium members. We found the links to be sparse on the free version leaving us to speculate if this was just a ploy to influence us to sign up for the premium app.

Content Availability & Quality

MediaBox HD has a bounty of mainstream movies and TV shows.  The latest releases all always nearly available in HD. It even has good working streams for some older movies, but it looks like the developers for this app prioritise movies over TV.


We tried to watch the first season of Game of Thrones only to find that the app ‘Failed to get data’. Normally, Game of Thrones is a staple of the free streaming apps, so this was a big red cross against MediaBox HD. Is this an oversight? Possibly. Is it an effort to get you to subscribe to the premium app? Maybe, but if it is it isn’t going to work.


All the links on MediaBox HD are direct streaming. We picked up straightaway that the streams for content on MediaBox HD were sparse. The top listed stream was always for a VIP stream that we couldn’t access unless we were prepared to part with cash for it. We discovered that the costs for upgrading to the premium package were modest enough, but why would we pay when we can find other apps that don’t charge?


Even when we did manage to find a valid stream, we found the app to be beset with bugs that resulted in a snail-pace playback. Couple this with missing streams and it’s safe to say we weren’t exactly dazzled.

Use & Navigation

Despite playback issues and missing streams, this app has some really excellent features when it comes to functionality. It supports Real-Debrid – an unrestricted downloader that allows for super-fast downloading and Trakt.tv so we could keep up with everything we’d watched on other apps.

We thought the filtering options were as thorough as any we had seen on a free app. Combine these with a Favourites, History and Download section and you have one convenient app. We would be content to use MediaBox HD if it wasn’t for the fact that we felt a bit cheated by having to use an inferior service.