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MegaBoxHD Overview

You may be unaware of this, but MegaboxHD is a virtual clone of the One Box app. It looks the same; it features the same content but the considerable difference is the number of adverts. MegaBoxHD isn’t infiltrated by pop-up ads in the same way that One Box is. And our team were grateful for that but it doesn’t detract too much from the flaws we discovered when putting MegaBoxHD to the test.


It gives the impression of a half-finished job. The content choices aren’t anywhere near as varied as other apps and in some cases, episodes within seasons are missing, which as far as we’re concerned meant the whole show may as well not be there. The app also has a tendency to crash mid-stream/browse which severely limited any potential enjoyment that this app may have given us.


Since the demise of the Terrarium TV app, our team has noticed an abundance of new streaming apps entering the market. Some good, some not so good. MegaBoxHD certainly isn’t one of the better ones.


To our mind, there are at least half-a-dozen apps that we would recommend you try over downloading MegaBoxHD.

Content Availability & Quality

The app is limited in terms of Movie and TV Show choice. There are some of the latest titles on there and we successfully managed to stream and watch the new Bohemian Rhapsody film. If we’d wanted to watch a film from the year that song was released, we definitely would’ve struggled. The depth of content on Megabox is really very shallow.

The TV Shows were also besieged with problems. For a number of titles, including Breaking Bad, we discovered missing episodes for no particular reason. Sometimes there can be technical reasons for missing episodes but there were so many absent programmes on MegaBoxHD we thought it just seemed an old-fashioned case of sloppiness.


One of the first criteria we test for with a streaming app is its capacity for stability. Any app that crashes after a few times using it probably isn’t one that has been developed to be able to withstand the rigours of long-term use. MegaBoxHD falls into this category.


Even when we were just browsing the app would inexplicably crash which was frustrating, but when it happened to us halfway through a film it’s doubly so. The developers may be able to rectify this problem but for now, with the apps inherent instability and missing streams, you have one app to avoid.

Use & Navigation

MegaBoxHD and One Box share identical interfaces but we at least got to try out the one on MegaBoxHD. (None of those pesky pop-up ads thankfully.) It’s certainly straightforward enough to use if not limited in its features. It doesn’t provide a whole lot of filtering options which always annoys us. Options to filter are crucial when there is an extensive library of content to look through and shouldn’t ever be overlooked by developers.


Once we selected a stream, it was very easy for us to customise the media player and select our favourite, MX Player.