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Mobdro Overview

Mobdro, it has an awkward sounding name, but it’s a pretty cool little streaming app. We’ve enjoyed movies, great shows, and live sports on this platform mostly without a hitch. That said if you prefer your live football to flow then there might be too much stop-start with Mobdro. When testing this app we regarded it as a genuine multi-platform offering. As well as the usual content, Mobdro has created a dedicated section for Podcasts and Gaming tutorials.


So how did it perform?


For the duration of the time we used Mobdro it performed admirably. The live channels that were available to us were quick to playback and were super resistant to buffering. Every now and then they would be a little jittery but overall we had a pleasurable viewing experience.


While Mobdro doesn’t demonstrate the breadth of content that an app like Live Net TV possesses it can still pack quite a punch. It features a number of On-Demand movie channels that will drop you straight into the stream that’s currently playing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any semblance of a TV guide to inform us what we were watching.

Content Availability & Quality

There’s a tonne of watchable content. Stuff from the last millennium that our folks will enjoy; stuff from now for the likes of us and other Millennial’s; as well as live sport for anyone that enjoys that sort of thing. Be warned though, the live content is usually only in SD quality.


Unlike most other streaming apps the on-demand section isn’t strictly on-demand. So, if you wanted to watch The Simpsons, you can’t select individual episodes. Instead, you click on The Simpsons avatar and will be immediately transported to whatever episode is streaming. We thought this approach worked fine for programmes that have stand alone episodes, but for anything with a linear plotline it isn’t suitable.


We encountered very few issues with Mobdro when we tested it. The streams we used were always available and although the picture quality can be questionable, the buffering was virtually non-existent. There were a couple of times that the stream skipped when we were watching A Bronx Tale but on the whole, it’s a dependable little app.


There is content from certain countries that are restricted by regional blocks. They were the usual suspects: the cable sports channels in the US and the UK. Most of the other channels provided us with steady streams even if they were a bit jittery at times.

Use & Navigation

The app design is very similar to what you would see on YouTube and has a sleek look that everyone will be familiar with. All of our most recently used content was presented on the main menu for easy access so we could dip in and out at the click of a button.


Now, we were testing the premium version of Mobdro, so we didn’t experience any ads but we have seen that other users are not so keen on the ad-riddled free version. We would be dismayed if it was anything like as bad as OneBox for pop-up ads.