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MovieHD Overview

Movie HD is establishing a reputation for being one of the most reliable free streaming Movie and TV Show apps around – and we can see why. There’s an abundance of quality streams available for the latest films, and also in lower resolutions, if your internet is a little slow.

It’s increasing in popularity and is already a widely used app. The developers are updating the library on a continuously and scraping only high-quality clear streams. We found, nevertheless, this does actually pose a problem. What is it you ask?

While movies are well stocked, the TV side of things does hit the buffers. Because of the limited availability of high-quality links for TV shows the depth of content isn’t quite there on MovieHD. It’s still a good movie app to use as your primary due to the number of good quality links but keep a couple of others in reserve for when you want to watch something slightly less mainstream.


So would we use this app? We decided we would probably download and use it as a go-to app when we need crystal clear HD streams for new films.

Content Availability & Quality

As the name suggests this app is packed with quality HD links for loads of movies new and old. There are literally thousands of titles that you can choose from. We didn’t see any pirated material within the latest movies section so we were satisfied that this app was delivering great content. And that’s tremendous but on the flip side, the TV Shows don’t receive the same A* treatment.

Streams for TV Shows are generally of a lower quality than other apps and the MovieHD preference for only quality links restricts the number of titles available. While it’s commendable to only provide high-quality streams Movie HD will be missing out on potential downloads because of this principled approach.


This app gave us just what we were seeking in terms of excellent quality movies streams. The quality and number of links were equally impressive. Once we selected a stream, the film pinged on the screen almost instantly. But in an age where apps are fiercely competing it seems odd to us that the developers would determine a preference for movies resulting in fewer reliable links for TV Shows.

It would be great if they could just add some more TV Shows because then MovieHD really would be an app to reckon with. Despite that minor grumble we actually really liked MovieHD.

Use & Navigation

This app doesn’t have an interface as sophisticated as some others, like Cyberflix, but it is logical, well presented and simple to use. And really, we would take that every time over something flashy without substance. You can add to your favourites and search for Movies and Shows using various filters.


We should add there is a section for 3D content, which is exciting! It isn’t a feature that we stumble across that often, and we wonder if it ever will be? The novelty of 3D films does seem to have dwindled in recent years.