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Netflix Overview

Over the last decade, the reach of Netflix has evolved to a point that it has penetrated the homes of millions of families. The name itself has become common parlance among Millennials for hooking up; it’s known as ‘Netflix and Chill.’ But why has this happened? And will Netflix continue to dominate the online on-demand streaming space?


For most of the team here our first contact with streaming content was via Netflix. Before the Android revolution Netflix was where we saw the latest films and the newest TV shows but since then the landscape has changed. Since then our knowledge has developed and our experiences grew enough for us to realise that there are alternatives to Netflix. But there are still people afraid to migrate over to the often perceived, ‘illegitimate’ universe, of online streaming.


So what does Netflix offer them?


Well, our team will be the first to admit that you will hardly ever experience any connectivity issues with Netflix. Buffering is virtually non-existent and in the last few years, Netflix has started to produce its own content, some that have even won awards.


Contrastingly, we would say that we can save you nearly a £100 a year by showing you apps that can deliver nearly all of that for free.

Content Availability & Quality

We know that Netflix has some great content. They have Breaking Bad for a start. But over the last few years, the number of movies on Netflix has diminished. We have seen the momentum swing more towards TV Shows in an effort to capture the younger generations whose viewing habits veer more towards binging. This has also resulted in huge sums of money being invested for in-house productions, most notably the brilliant Narcos and the award-winning Orange is the New Black.


This emphasis on original content has only served to strengthen the library of content that Netflix offers. It’s been estimated that in 2018 Netflix spent a total of $13 on content which is available in HD and 4K. Although they don’t provide for live TV in the same way that Hulu and Amazon do, there’s still enough content on Netflix for a small monthly fee to keep you busy.


If you do decide to sign up to Netflix then let us assure you that you will rarely, if ever, have any problems with the service being down or your streams buffering. Netflix operates around 1,000 storage systems in its server network, and these are updated every year with fresh hardware. This pro-active approach ensures that Netflix, pending some apocalyptic event, will always be reliable and running.


If you do ever encounter any problems, you can contact Netflix easily enough. We phoned the customer service support to report a problem and were connected to a centre in America. If there is one thing Americans do really well, then its customer service. They moved heaven and earth to make sure we were back online.

Use & Navigation

Netflix used to have different interfaces depending on which device you were operating it on. A few years back they revamped the interface to deliver a universal experience across all devices and it works a treat.


Our team loves the fact that the intuitive design will begin to make viewing suggestions for us based on the previous content we have watched. Now, we did notice that Netflix has a tendency to push its own content above others but that’s hardly surprising. Plus, it’s our choice if we watch it or not.


From the big three of Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, it’s Netflix that has the cleanest layout, the most intuitive interface and the cleanest design.