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OneBox HD Overview

OneBox HD is a free to use Android streaming app that looks and operates in much the same vein as Popcorn Time, Cinema HD and many more. The big difference that we noted between OneBox HD and other apps was the number of faulty links that stalked the OneBox HD Movies and Shows.


Despite an extensive library of content that, if the streams worked, would be more than sufficient for us streaming enthusiasts, OneBox HD let us down multiple times. As fans of Doctor Who, the team wanted to test the app for links. Only the rebooted versions of Doctor Who are available, not the original series – and even then the links appear to have vanished like the TARDIS.


So, do we have anything positive to say about OneBox HD?


Not particularly, the interface is clunky and unresponsive, and the pop-up ads get very tiresome and require to dexterous finger work on the remote to remove them.


We wouldn’t recommend this app based on a number of issues. The fact that the ads are like an infected rash is reason enough – not to mention the chronic lack of streams. This app used to be held in high regard at one time but in its present state, we don’t see it restoring its former glory. If you value our judgement then heed our advice and don’t trouble yourself with this app.

Content Availability & Quality

Usually, with free streaming apps there’s a good mixture of old and new films but on OneBox HD this wasn’t the case. OneBox HD has a raft of streams for movies released in the last 12 months like Black Panther or A Quiet Place. These provided a high-quality HD picture but anything older than that we could seldom find working links for.


The TV Shows fared slightly better in terms of working streams but only if you could get past the impenetrable wall of pop-up ads. Again, the app seemed to be showcasing the latest in trending TV but whatever we tried with this app it just proved too difficult to make it work.


If we’re being completely honest then, OneBox HD is one of the very worst apps that we have reviewed in terms of reliability. We really struggled to get streams to work on this platform and the general consensus among the team was that we wouldn’t waste any more than 5 minutes on this app. When we did finally manage to load a stream (which took some time) we watched Bumblebee and the quality was surprisingly good.

But if you are thinking of downloading a free android app with a large collection of free Movies and Shows there are many better options on the market than OneBox HD.

Use & Navigation

Ordinarily, in this section, we would make you aware of any features that make the app easier for to use, if the layout aids navigation and so on. There seems little to be gained in doing this. For what it’s worth the interface is a little slow although there are useful methods for filtering through the content. But all of that seems irrelevant because the crucial issue is the pop-up ads.

These ads made it impossible for us to even select a stream they were that persistent. You would need an octopus on standby so together you could be quick enough to close them all down. On that basis, we wouldn’t recommend you download it.