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Popcorn Time Overview

We enjoyed Popcorn Time. It’s a bit of a throwback being an open source torrenting app but it has stacks of new movies and shows. If you’re seeking obscure treasures, you’ll be disappointed. Once a movie or show isn’t part of the zeitgeist anymore, it’s almost impossible to find.


And that’s the thing with torrents.


If folk aren’t sharing that particular film, then tough, you ain’t gonna find it. It’s not Popcorn Time that is to blame for this; it’s just a major drawback of torrents. The good thing is if you do find the film you can download it and keep it forever.


If you decide to download Popcorn Time then be advised that as it’s a torrent based app it will download the movie or show to the cache in your device. It’s deleted when you exit the app but just make sure you have enough space on your device otherwise you might be disappointed when the film or programme doesn’t start.


Overall, Popcorn Time is a well established free app with some great content. Its sophisticated menu is a doddle to use and helps to make it one of the best free apps around.

Content Availability & Quality

There’s some great content on Popcorn Time. The latest movies are widely shared and available for speedy torrent streaming. We will point out that you’ll be more likely to discover new releases on Popcorn Time than older films due to it being a torrent site. Outdated films don’t tend to stick around for too long.


We loved the fantastic selection of TV shows, but we hated the codec restrictions (codec is a program that enables digital data encoding.) In English, it meant we got halfway through a season only to find the next episode missing! Grrrrr!


How you will measure the reliability of Popcorn Time will depend largely on what you’re using it for. We like to know if we’re watching a movie then we’ll enjoy a buffer-free experience – and that’s what we get with this app. As it downloads the content on to your device temporarily it means you’ll get uninterrupted playback. Once you have finished watching your Movie or TV Show and have exited the app, then the content will be automatically deleted from your device cache.


If you’re looking to use Popcorn Time for finding loads of old movies and TV shows you’ll be disappointed. The most reliable content to watch on the app is from the last 5 years.

Use & Navigation

We found the main menu so easy to navigate, which is always a major plus, but the app does have a serious bug.  We’re watching a film in full-screen; you expect to have a clear view right? Wrong. With Popcorn Time we found the progress bar sometimes stayed on throughout, and it really bugged us.


Despite this, the app has some really cool features for making sure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. The filtering options are extensive and once you select your film, if you’re hard of hearing than subtitles are on hand to improve your experience.