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Sling TV Overview

Sling TV is like the Grandpa of streaming apps. It’s been around a while and sadly it’s a little slow now and has been overtaken by newer, smarter live TV streaming services. We’re still pleased to say it’s the cheapest option on the market but its seriously limited channel selection means we’d rather pay a little more dough for the competition.


It has two distinct packages, Orange and Blue, comprised of some fantastic US content but what Sling TV doesn’t do is elaborate on which channels are supplied with which package. Now this could be an oversight (quite a big one) or it could be a ploy to lure you into committing to the third option; both packages combined.


So why would you subscribe to Sling TV?


Well, we’re not really sure. If you are already paying a whopping satellite bill each month from one of the main TV providers, then Sling TV might seem an attractive option. Just remember though, there are better TV services out there for not a lot more money.

Content Availability & Quality

Sling TV enjoys access to some fantastic premium US TV channels. They offer three packages; the Blue and Orange deals both cost a measly $25 or if you’re a TV glut you can have both for $40. Both the Blue and Orange packages are a mishmash of diverse types of channel, sport, entertainment, culture and so on.  They provide you with a good selection of channels, but we don’t feel it’s enough to satisfy our urge for live TV. For instance, with the Orange pack, you can have access to ESPN but not the Fox Sports channels.


Seems to us that the Blue and Orange packs give you just enough channels to tease your interest but not enough to prevent you from experiencing FOMO and stop you wanting the premium upgrade. It’s quite a clever strategy from Sling TV really.


There have been some serious gripes in the streaming community about glitchy links and poor quality streams. As a team, one of our core principles is, if we ever pay for streaming services then the quality has to be first-rate. Our experience of Sling TV was one of fuzzy picture quality and coma-inducing speeds.


Also, if you do use Sling TV then beware their 7-day free trial. There have been plenty of complaints about folk being fleeced for a month’s subscription after cancelling the trial.


And we should mention it isn’t strictly free; there’s a $4 installation fee!

Use & Navigation

We can’t really pick fault with the way the Sling TV interface looks. It loads up quickly and has a modern digital TV design. It boasts smart features such as letting you pin your fave channels to the home screen. Any show that we watched was automatically added to the My TV section which is a nice intuitive touch. If you are looking for specific content then there is the ability to search by genre but we weren’t able to search by the channel which we found frustrating. To find a particular channel you need to access the TV guide.


But does any of this matter? Well, no, not if the streams are as unreliable as we found them to be.