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Swift Streamz Overview

Swift Streamz provides live TV links from countries all over the world. Their main offering is for channels based in Asia although there is a good selection of European links and North American channels. You can expect to find all of the channels that are exclusive to cable and satellite providers but there’s a hitch. The most striking aspect was that of all the live TV apps that our team tested this was the one that most required a VPN.


Sky Sports will not work in the UK region without first using a VPN. There are countless options when it comes to a VPN but any basic service should be adequate for circumnavigating regional restrictions placed upon certain content.


Our experienced team always use VPN’s so once we downloaded the app and selected a stream we found them only marginally better quality than Live Net TV. Although they weren’t HD quality, they were permissible for a free app.


If you’re considering using Swift Streamz then bare two things in mind; one, Live Net TV can provide only slightly inferior links without using a VPN and two; an IPTV subscription service can deliver HD quality streams for not much more than your annual cost of a VPN.

Content Availability & Quality

Swift Streamz provides links for channels from the UK, North America, Australia, a dedicated sports section and an absolute treasure chest of Asian based channels. The streams themselves are what we would consider to be ok. They are watchable, but the quality is exactly what we expect from a free app. That said, unless you’re going to use a VPN, you will find a lot of the content unavailable because of those ever so annoying regional blocks. All the Sky Sports channels are blocked as well as premium US content like HBO. A VPN needn’t be expensive, so Swift Streamz remains a solid enough option for live TV.


As we’re basically a bunch of streaming geeks we obviously use a VPN so we were able to access the restricted channels. The streams were consistent aside from the odd bit of lag, and the playback was swift (see what we did there).


If you want to give Swift Streamz a go you will need a VPN, which will cost, and the streams won’t be of fantastic quality meaning if we were you, we would probably just pay the extra for an IPTV service. At least then you know that you will be guaranteed HD streams for popular channels at a fraction of the cost for what cable and satellite companies charge.

Use & Navigation

The interface is a little crude but it’s easy enough to get around and operate. Find the flag that represents the country of the channels that you wanna watch and select it. Then you’ll find a list of all the available channels from that country. It really is that simple.


The app has a chat support feature that seemed to be working. Well, we could see that users had asked questions, but we couldn’t see any answers that had been given yet. This app also has a multitude of different media player’s available to use – the most we’ve seen on any streaming app along with LiveNetTV.