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TeaTV Overview

TeaTV has been around for a while now, and we were thrilled to test it out. There were plenty of 1080p links for our favourite Movies and Shows but while we all find a cuppa refreshing, there were a number of factors that meant the user experience of TeaTV left a bitter taste.


The lure of free live TV was enticement enough but after searching through a good number of the most popular sports and American channels, we didn’t spot a single working link. This was a real shame and as with most free apps that make this claim it was too good to be true. As we’ve learned through experience, if you want reliable high-quality streams for live TV, especially live sports, you will have to pay for it.


So what was the saving grace of this app?


Well, it supports Real Debrid and trackt.TV. The interface is well presented using icons for the menu leaving more space for larger thumbnail images for the Movies and Shows. But that’s about it. The constant video ads were enough for us to delete the app pretty damn quick.

Content Availability & Quality

TeaTV offers the same portfolio of content that many other free apps do. Much to our delight, there were loads of HD links for films that have been out a few months, but anything more recent was a pirated copy so leave them well alone.


We’re big fans of Anime so were deeply saddened to find a lot of the links, like the live TV, didn’t work. We examined this further and discovered this has been an ongoing problem which leads us to suspect that perhaps the developers are not that active in terms of fixing bugs.


The app itself doesn’t suffer from any inherent instability – it runs perfectly fine. Whenever we watched content using an HD link the playback was on the money most of the time. All too often though we found that the older titles, especially TV Shows, didn’t have any available links much to our disappointment.


The most fundamental problem that TeaTV faces is the total lack of working links for the live TV section. Now, we don’t know if TeaTV are aware of this but they really should be. If they could get this feature of the app working, it would be a great streaming tool. If they can’t then they need to take away the section as it will only frustrate users of the app like us.

Use & Navigation

The interface on the TeaTV app has a refined aesthetic that sets it apart from other apps. It has all the usual filtering options of the release year, genre and so on plus Trakt.TV and Real Debrid support for a truly convenient streaming experience.


But do you wanna know what did spoil our experience? You guessed it, the adverts. We don’t disagree with ads on free apps but what does bother us is the timing of the ads. Right before a stream starts, that’s ok. While we’re browsing for something to watch, that’s totally inappropriate. We understand that developers want to monetize their apps but there is a time and a place.