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TVTap Overview

TVTap is a free android app that provides adequate SD links for live TV from Europe and the US. Before testing TVTap we had high hopes but ultimately we uncovered an inconsistent app with sketchy links that were completely unsuitable for live sport. Despite this, it is still one of the more robust free live TV apps that we have tested, especially for UK content.


So is it an app that we would use regularly?


We, in fact, think TVTap provides a good backup for live TV but this is probably only because it’s one of the few apps that work, albeit partially. The sports channels are essentially redundant due to the extreme buffering, which is a shame given that all of our team love out sport!!!


We don’t want to be overly harsh on TVTap but if they genuinely want to improve the user experience of the app then they could really do with grouping the channels together. Ideally, we don’t want to select a category to then be confronted by channels presented with no logical order.

Content Availability & Quality

We were pleased to see that TVTap had a wide variety of channels from the UK, US and across Europe. Their list caters for everyone (except sports fans) with entertainment, music and a kid’s category.  In total, we found over 150 channels of content that mostly worked which, for a free app, is not to be sniffed at.


We also saw loads of internet only channels like MUTV and links for subscription events such as Sky Box Office which is a distinctive feature. In our experience, you will normally need a VPN to access these channels given that they don’t operate like normal TV channels.


As we often expect and discover with free apps the quality of the streams is usually found wanting. This was the case with TVTap. Most of the streams were SD quality and although they worked ok, the grainy pictures were off-putting to us.


The channels on this app were a little hit and miss. While most in the entertainment section worked, the streams for live sport were absolutely horrible to look at with their constant lag. Unfortunately, sports channels need to have a high resolution otherwise it becomes almost impossible to watch. We’d go as far to say that if TVTap can’t provide better than SD streams for sports channels then there isn’t much point in bothering

Use & Navigation

This app provides a simple interface that was responsive enough, but scrolling through the channels was a chore. We didn’t identify any logical approach to the way the channels were listed. Once we selected a category, they weren’t arranged by country or listed alphabetically.