What is IPTV?

If the term IPTV breeds unfamiliarity, we’re as positive of the fact that you’ve already used it as we are Godfather Part 2 is the greatest movie ever made. Distilled to its essence IPTV (internet protocol television) are movies, shows and live TV transmitted directly through your internet connection.

If you’ve ever installed on a Firestick, Kodi Box or other branded media device, an app featured on our website then any time you use your media centre you’ll be directly benefitting from the majesty of IPTV. We’ll give a brief overview of the types of IPTV below.

Video on Demand

VOD is the most well known and widely used IPTV application. Represented by the mainstream triumvirate of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, these three have been duking it out for the last few years for the right to be crowned most expensive and underperforming VOD service.

Amazon and Netflix have already made bold moves in this arena by increasing subscription fees in anticipation of further releases of original and most likely award-winning content. Likewise, Hulu has taken a progressive step by increasing the cost of its live TV and lowering current monthly fees for the base package.

Ok, we’re being glib, but when VOD is widely available on many other free apps providing the same content to keep you entertained while lightening the load on your finances it makes sense to use them.

Time Shifted Media

Perhaps a touchstone for IPTV, BBC iPlayer was at the centre of catch-up TV, itself another form of IPTV. The principle difference between time-shifted media and VOD is with services like iPlayer content has an expiry date. And it’s likely there’s a good commercial reason for this. Content featured on a time-shifted platform is free, so by restricting its availability, it allows the company that produced the content to sell it via other mediums, such as the humble DVD.


Love Live IPTV

We feel we can strongly assert without hesitation that monthly subscription charges for cable packages are obscenely high. Basic packages aside, the likes of Sky and Virgin tack-on a huge premium for access to live sports and movies.

It should have come as no surprise to anyone that live IPTV services have emerged not only to compete with the megaliths of Sky or Virgin but have in some cases surpassed them.

Now for the good part.

They trash them on cost, outstrip them with their scope of live channels, breadth of sports coverage and in some cases VOD content. Just make sure that when you decide to become a fully-fledged cable cutter that you play safe and use a VPN.

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