What is Real Debrid?

You might’ve noticed ‘Real Debrid login’ in the menu of some APKs when looking for a good movie or show. If you don’t know what it means then read on. Real Debrid can for a small fee can transform your streaming options. We couldn’t do without it.

What are the Benefits

It’s an unrestricted downloader (up to 1000mbps potentially) that provides access to premium sources for streaming and instantaneous download. Instead of finding only low SD quality links on an APK, Debrid gives you great HD links with less buffering and more options. As streaming enthusiasts, the two things that disturb us more than anything else – unreliable links and poor quality streams.

Real Debrid thankfully eliminates both of these issues. Instead of finding only low SD quality links on an APK, Debrid gives you great HD links with less buffering and more options which is exactly why our team loves it.

Sure, you could use apps and Kodi add ons for free but if you crave the best possible links that you’re internet can stream then perhaps it’s worth paying a little.

How to Use It

It’s dead simple to use Real Debrid. Create an account on their website and choose your subscription package. You can subscribe for 15, 30, 90 or 180 days with a month’s subscription costing a measly £3.40 something. That’s less than the cost of renting a 12-month old movie from Amazon Prime. Anyway, we digress.

Not all apps will support the use of Real Debrid but the ones that do, including a favourite of ours, Cinema HD, allow you to log in through the settings menu. You will be given an authorisation code to sync with your Debrid account then you’ll be able to use it with the app. The next time that you select a movie or show to watch you’ll find the Debrid links easy to spot. They’ll be highlighted in a different colour or marked with an RD or DEB stamp.


Real Debrid is compatible with most streaming devices like Chromecast, Firestick and Roku. It works equally well on APK’s and Kodi add ons and can be accessed using any browsers. We like the flexible and affordable pricing plans that have made Debrid an ideal choice for cord-cutters looking for movies and tv in almost guaranteed HD.

With its wide-scale device compatibility and reliable links Real Debrid really is an essential streaming tool that’s excellent value for money.

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