What is Trakt?

Picture the scene. You settle in the comfy chair with a bowl of crisps and open your favourite streaming app to continue binging on a show that’s sunk its hooks into you. Then catastrophe strikes. The app has stopped working, and the prognosis is gloomy. Being of a resourceful nature, you select a different app from your media centre, only to realise you’ve completely forgotten where you are in the show. What a total nightmare! What if a single app could organise all of your content into a handy list? Say hello to Trakt.tv.

How Does it Work?

With Trakt you’ll always keep on track with whatever it is you’re watching. As soon as you view a show on Kodi, Fire TV or any media centre, Trakt will automatically add that tile to your library. The lamentable moniker for this clever tool is scrobbling.

It’s easy to set-up too. You can open a free account with Trakt and then sync it with whichever streaming APK or Kodi add on you’re using. Usually, this is done by logging in to your Trakt account from the app or add on and entering an authorisation code. Then you can begin enjoying the features on offer. And like all of the best things in life, these features are free.

The Features

In an internet awash with shady apps, Trakt is a genuine beacon of hope. It isn’t a malware-infested parasitic app disguised as something free and innocent. It’s the real deal folks. Our team have used Trakt exhaustively and found it to be convenient and consistent. There’s a bottomless wellspring of free features negating any real need to access the affordable but redundant VIP service. These include an intuitive recommendation engine that provides content based on your watch history, personalised TV and Movie calendars, notifications for new content and the chance to show off your carefully curated list of avant-garde movies to your friends.

Is that the limit of this free app? Jeez no! If you welcome membership of an active community whereby views and recommendations are exchanged between like-minded movie watchers Trakt’s online hub will have you salivating.


Trakt can be used on anything and works with everything. We’ll put a list of all the devices and platforms where you can enjoy the benefits of Trakt, and if you don’t see a name you recognise, it probably means it’s time for a tech upgrade. Be aware when using Trakt on Firestick you will need to log in with a different device such as a mobile or tablet.

Multi-platform support is available on:

  • Android, Apple TV, Apple Watch,
  • iOS, Kodi, MediaPortal, Plex, VLC and many more.
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